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Entry #6

Battle the Twenty-Ninth

2009-10-18 18:24:49 by boloneyman

Definitely my new favorite, mainly because there is a lot of awesome shots of me grappling. Our last event is this weekend. There are a lot of clips of us just messing around, but the actual fighting footage is the best so far. As usual, I am wearing the brown shirt that says "Fight me I'm Irish!"

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Check out when I get swung around by the glaive 5:35. You don't see but I got up and won.

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2009-10-25 01:30:05

R.I.P. Foam-Battles-of-Dooom

boloneyman responds:

I'm considering going to the events held by Belegarth (the ones who dress up) this spring to get my fix of foam fighting. I'm going to try an network and spread the question "what if we could fight in regular clothes?" and see how that goes.


2009-11-05 18:22:49

That's extremely nerdy but it would be amazingly fun and awesome.

boloneyman responds:

It is definitely both. I think what grabs most people bu surprise is how physically demanding it is. Especially when I am involved, this last year I have gotten very aggressive and will go as far as tackling and kicking people I fight with.

The next video is about half way done and will be two hours long when finished. So my next news post will be a twelve part video of interviews, fighting, and me dancing to We Are the Champions.

Thanks for watching!


2010-11-10 03:56:14

Gain some weight!

boloneyman responds:



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